Curtis Dvorak is and will always be the ultimate Jacksonville Jaguar fan. After 19 years of amazingly crazy antics and getting people hyped in the darkest of moments, the king of all mascots has officially announced his retirement. Although we are sad to see him go, we’re grateful for the many years of absolutely wonderful chaos that he provided his fans. Below you’ll read a Q&A we did with Curtis:

1. How and when did your story begin as Jaxson DeVille?
– I came to Jacksonville in 1996 from Virginia Tech. Through a random set of circumstances, I went from a minor league baseball tryout and ended up sending my resume and tape to the Jaguars.

2. What are some of your greatest moments or memories at EverBank?
To name a few:
– Morton Anderson missing a field goal and sending us to the playoffs.
– Broncos playoff win which then resulted in 40,000 people coming to the stadium to wait for the team to  until 1 a.m. and an impromptu pep rally ensued.
– Skydives into the stadium…one at a night game that almost prevented this interview…lol.
– Countless zip line and aerial stunts. And getting “delayed” … NOT STUCK, during one particular attempt at a game against the Dolphins.
– Catching on fire.
– BMX bike jumps at a few halftimes.
– Catching Scobees 59 yarder to beat the Colts.
– The year my mom passed away, I carried a sign that said “Hi Mom” under the goal posts during field goals as a tribute to my family watching on TV around the country.
– The best memory of all will always be my relationship with the “family.” It’s special to me and I’ll cherish it forever.

3. If you could do one thing that you didn’t get to do as Jaxson, what would that be and why?

– Be on the field when we win the SuperBowl.


4. Craziest stunt you’ve ever attempted?
– Probably the king swing I did a few times. I had to connect myself to the swing line in mid-air by myself with no help from the riggers. Then, I had to cut myself free from the security of the zip line … not something any stunt coordinator usually allows.


5. If you could relive one game, which one would it be?
– AFC championship against the Titans and I would make sure we win his time.


6. What sort of thoughts are going through your mind during this retirement? Any regrets?
– Overwhelming pride. I have no regrets ever … I did it my way and I know no other way.


7. What’s one thing you’d like to tell every Jaguar fan out there? One thing you’d like to tell every Jaguar hater?
– Fan: ALWAYS be DTWD!
– Haters: You mad bro?


8. Why should people be stoked to have an NFL team in their city?
– Because of the amount of help the money that’s funded has provided to so many charities and community programs in our city. It’s a ripple effect that has changed people’s lives.


9. What’s next for the big cat?
– Have fun, be nice and make friends!


10. Duval till you ____?
– See answer 7A



The greatest word to describe your time as the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot.

– Honored.


We’re honored to know you Curtis, and even more honored that you have been Jaxson DeVille for all these years! Thanks for the memories and thanks for being you. We love you!