After a decade spent in Brooklyn and forming the popular hazed-out garage band BOYTOY, Glenn Van Dyke returned to her native Jacksonville, where, along with partner Lena Simon (of the mighty La Luz) the pair have wasted no time in exemplifying the punk-rock truth of DIY is “Do it.”

In February, their third-annual Winterland Presents festival returned to Riverside, offering three days of round-the-clock local and national bands. Last October, Winterland Records released their debut release: Llegamos,” a seven-inch by local Latin-jazz masters LPT. Winterland drops its second offering by Fever Beam, a St.-Petersburg-based cowpunk group, on Friday, August 28. Two more releases are currently in the works.

Van Dyke (left) and Simon (right) both cut their underground rock bonafides in Brooklyn’s Boytoy and Seattle’s La Luz, respectively before relocating to Springfield. // Photo: Jesse Brantman

We want to create a creative platform for artists to be heard. We surely have our eyes set on Florida since there is so much talent with, in our opinion, not many outlets,” Van Dyke explains, adding that the label also doesn’t want to rule out the possibility of releasing music not from the Sunshine State. “We want to put out good music, by good people, with good taste, and nice style. We want to look for people who work hard for themselves, are willing to tour, and understand that a small label means being part of a team.”

For more info on upcoming Winterland Presents events or to shop the label’s recent releases, visit 

This article originally appeared as part of the Culture-Preneurs feature under the headline “Making Space for Art” in Void Magazine’s July 2020 issue. 

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