There are free spirits and there are free music spirits: Jamison Williams definitely falls in the latter camp. The local musician had his “conversion moment” from punk rocker to free jazz assassin after hearing the music of German improv-sax king Peter Brötzmann. Locally, Williams has been the anchor and spearhead of improvised music, as both a local DIY impresario and in-demand tour soprano sax (and game calls) player.

Tools of the trade for improv impresario Jamison Williams. || Photo: Brantman

Since 2007 Williams has released an intense amount of recorded output through his Vantage Bulletin label: more than 70 vinyl and CD limited editions thus far. The music of Disney has been heavily explored, as well as 50 SoundCloud releases dedicated to “female politicians, actresses, martyrs, and porn stars.” Listeners, brace thyself!