After humble beginnings at Rain Dogs in Historic 5 Points, the all-inclusive “sub-cultural” flea market hit its stride. Founded by creative Rosalie Lagao with the hope to create a “more self-sustaining, culturally-rich society,” Trash Panda began as a traveling pop-up market exclusive to Northeast Florida.

Before the COVID-19-related shutdown, the event was spreading to other cities as well, bringing art and community growth with it. The events bring together a broad spectrum of sundry salespeople: record distributors, performers, vintage hustlers, event promoters, small businesses, and hawkers of yard sale finds, while encapsulating the authentic flea market atmosphere of thrift and hustle. Just like the urban bandits themselves, Trash Panda is constantly adapting, while thriving in the community it calls home. The quarantine has put an embargo on the next Trash Panda date for now, but you can ensure you’ll score some eclectic TP finds by following them on Instagram (@rdtrashpanda).

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⚡GOOD MORNING #trashpandafam ! 🚑 If you are able, (A Few Words from our Founder,) . # Repost @rosaliehoboken (@ get_repost) ・・・ ⚡RAIN DOGS has been the home, birthplace, and support center for so many creatives and their endeavors. Rain Dogs has proudly been nearly my entire focus for almost the last 3 years up until leaving a week before its closing for a move (to ATL) that looks like will now be postponed! While I'm fresh out of that house, Rain Dogs will always be my home, and I think many of you feel the same! If Rain Dogs has given you anything- mentally, physically, spiritually, anything throughout these FILLED years, and if you are able, NOW is the time to give back to keep the Mrs. in business! What are your favorite Rain Dogs events/memories?? We want to make more!! We LOVE you @raindogs5points @swagnerdjax ! 💖 ✨⚡✨GoFundMe LINK IN BIO!!✨⚡✨ . edit: **This is an old photo, I'm still social distancing, and you should too!!! 💋

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This article originally appeared as part of the Culture-Preneurs feature under the headline “You Scratch my Creative Itch, I’ll Scratch Yours” in Void Magazine’s July 2020 issue. 

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