Sometimes it’s not the end result that’s fascinating but the struggles and setbacks that make the finale all the more impressive. At least, that’s what Sandro Young, AKA Dusty Nomad, thought when he started looking at North Florida leaders and business owners and wondering about their origin stories.

At press time, Young’s filed more than 50 episodes of The Road Less Traveled conversing with an eclectic lineup of creators and innovators (including at least a handful of folks you’ll recognize from our summer issue, on newsstands now). A natural interviewer, Young–a designer, who also runs the popular local clothing brand, Dusty Nomad–simply asks his interviewees “how?” And often, the “how” answers the “what” and “who” in surprisingly candid ways.  

Take a jaunt down The Road Less Traveled HERE.

This article originally appeared as part of the “Culture-Preneurs” feature in Void Magazine’s July 2020 issue.