While not an art space per se, Long Road Projects has brought in an adult-dose injection of cutting-edge contemporary art to Northeast Florida. Founded in 2015 by Aaron Levi Garvey and Stevie Covart Garvey, LRP is an artist residency program and edition publishing house that has invited 20 national and internationally renowned artists to this area. Over the course of the two-week-minimum residency, the visiting artists are provided with a living-and-work space and needed materials. In return, the residents are asked to open the doors to the public for a studio visit, be featured in public programming (such as a forum or lecture), and agree to create original work for limited-edition original editions.

LRP cofounder Aaron Levi Garvey for our May 2019 35 Under 35 Issue || Photo: Wesley Parsons

Stevie has described the Garveys curatorial vision as “punk rock”—an apt descriptor, as the pair have bypassed the “formal” museum/gallery format in a wholly DIY residency that brings consistently impressive art to Jacksonville, while creating a dialogue and network between the visiting and local artists. LRP has been an invaluable success, proving that the Garveys approach to cutting the proverbial velvet rope of highly contemporary art and truly bringing art to the community is a unique, and judging by the response, long-awaited endeavor.

LRP artist in residence, paper-cut master, and Jax local, Hiromi Moneyhun || Photo: Dennis Ho

The Garveys have now expanded the residency program to Erie, PA. and during this March’s NYC Armory Show, partnered up with the Selina Chelsea hotel to up the LRP game with a global residency program. 

This article originally appeared as part of the Culture-Preneurs feature under the headline “Making Space for Art” in Void Magazine’s July 2020 issue. 

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