Like late night talk shows, print magazines haven’t really changed all that much over the last few decades–white men dispensing humor, wisdom, and social commentary, plus some music and an interview or two, all presented in a way that long ago seemed bland and formulaic. Ladies Night Zine, the offbeat and unapologetically stochastic brainchild of Ali LaPore and Rain Henderson, playfully and subversively turns the print format on its head.

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Though the pair come from traditional design backgrounds–LaPore is a designer at Whalebone and Henderson an art director at a local design firm–Ladies Night is anything but conventional, with busy collage-like layouts, stream of consciousness style prose, and an assortment of creative inserts and manipulatable features like a spinnable disco ball. A recent interview with members of Miami garage rock band Jacuzzi Boys comes printed on a three-by-six-inch card inserted into a cardboard sleeve and features questions like “But what about breakfast?” and “Is this your house?” (the adjacent page, it should be noted, features a midcentury couple, joyously waterskiing as cartoon dolphins fly overhead; seriously!)


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Ladies Night’s third release, a series of interviews and portraits captured on location at the recent Winterland Festival in Five Points, has been delayed. When it does drop, we can’t wait to see how these two print-iconoclasts subvert the staid Man-On-The-Street formula. 

This article originally appeared as part of the Culture-Preneurs feature under the headline “Because Print Will Never Die…” in Void Magazine’s July 2020 issue.