A brand new and ambitious exhibition at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is a gorgeous amalgamation, spanning centuries and mediums, mixing metaphors, and–perhaps most ingeniously–roping in local artists and makers. Buoyed by the groundbreaking works The Gems of Brazil (1863-64) by Martin Johnson Heade, Cross Pollination: Heade, Cole, Church and Our Contemporary Moment explores pollination in nature and ecology, as well as pollination as a metaphor for the interplay between art and science, relationships among artists and the connections across time, from the 19th to the 21st centuries.

Heade’s pieces will be exhibited alongside works by fellow artists Thomas Cole and Frederic Church, as well as artwork by their daughters, Emily Cole and Isabel Charlotte Church, and major artists working today, including locals Lili Yuan, Crystal Floyd, and Dustin Harewood, whose work will be on display in the Bank of America Concourse Gallery in conjunction with the Cross Pollination exhibition.

Painting by Lili Yuan

Terrarium’s by Crystal Floyd

In collaboration with local clothing maker 8103, the Cummer has launched a series of wearables, including tees and face masks featuring colorful artwork by Harewood and Yuan. These limited edition items will be available online or at the Cummer pop-up shop beginning Wednesday, October 28.

Cummer + local art + 8103 = Must Have!

Yuan’s work (left) and Harewood’s (right) are high-art and high-fashion!

Cross Pollination opens October 28 and runs through January 17. For more information head to the Cummer’s site.

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