This week, Jacksonville had to deal with some heartbreaking news as we learned that Curtis Dvorak, the man behind the whiskers of our faithful Jaguars mascot, Jaxson DeVille, was retiring. This, coupled with training camp and the anticipation that it can bring, has prompted this week’s Jaguars-themed Craigslist Finds. In honor of the fact that Dvorak had been with the team since the beginning, this list will focus on early-era Jaguars finds.

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6-Pack Collectors Edition Jaguars Inaugural Season Coca-Cola Bottles

These would make an excellent addition to any man cave, with one exception — you can’t drink any until early February, 2016, during the Jaguars Super Bowl Victory Parade.

Front Page of the Florida Times Union Announcing Jacksonville Had Won an NFL Franchise

In case you accidentally threw it away when it first wound up on your doorstep, look no further.  This is pretty cool, and, if you gave it a frame, it would make an awesome addition to any room.

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1995 Jacksonville Jaguars Inaugural Season Team Signed Football

This one hits me right in the childhood. The football is signed by the members of the original Jags roster.  Seeing it gives me memories of the Jags beating Marino and Elway, and being a legitimate contender. Get this year’s team to sign a different one and you’ll have the original team, as well as the first team to win a Super Bowl. Now that would be a collection.

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1995 Jacksonville Jaguars Inaugural Game Program

Not only does this program mark the beginning of the Jaguars, which is cool in its own right, it is probably full of 90s memories, punk rock and mullets. Well, maybe not all that stuff, but still a cool way to remember the roots of the franchise.

So, there you have it. All of these items can be found on craigslist and are yours for the taking … well, purchasing.  And while I will be very sad to see Dvorak go, I’m sure that the Jaguars will be able to find a perfect candidate for the Jags’ beloved mascot to live on through.  See you guys in EverBank in August for some preseason football!