Ice Is Nice

The Ice Plant in St. Augustine isn’t using ice as a gimmick, it really does matter in the composition of the cocktail and it’s all about the dilution rate. Slow-melting spheres or blocks preserve the flavor of high-end spirits by chilling them without watering them down and pebble, cracked or crushed ice will typically accompany citrusy, juice-based or sweeter drinks that need more dilution.

A Drink and a Show

Craft cocktails cost a bit more than your ol’ Jack and diet. A few cocktails on the menu at Volstead come with a free show. Order the Baked Apple Sazerac and watch some fiery cinnamon go up in flames before you put it down the hatch. Order an Upstate, a take on the classic Manhattan, and your booze will be infused with black walnut bitters through an antique perfume puffer.

If You Like Pina Coladas

There’s more to the Beach bars than mango gatorades. Each Wednesday at the Shim Sham Room, bartender Nicole Greenwell is creating new and unique concoctions with interesting ingredients in what they’re calling Live from the Lab. This month, the folks that brought us Sidecar in San Marco will open Flask & Cannon, a rum-forward bar serving twists on classic tiki drinks at 1st Street and 5th Avenue.

Tap the Keg

Grape & Grain Exchange, The Parlour and Sidecar all offer select spirits on tap, as well as a rotating cocktails from the keg. It’s a quick pour if you’re impatient to imbibe or a way to sample something new before committing.

Two Glasses, Please

Whether it’s Orsay’s table side pour from the Porthole infuser or the punchbowl at Sidecar, single-source, large format cocktails made by the batch for multiple drinkers are a trend on the rise.