It is common knowledge that spilling a full beer is the adult equivalent of letting go of your favorite balloon. It is never on purpose and always something you will remember. A good craft is important, and unlike milk, we will totally cry if even the smallest drop slips off our lips. In case you do end up losing liquid from your beloved bottle, can or pint glass, we’ve got you covered as to where you can purchase any craft brew you could imagine.

The best part about craft beer is that it is portable. Gone are the days of craft breweries only being able to crank out sixtals or full barrels. As the craft beer world explores endless possibilities with hops and grains, they also have put a lot of effort into having our beers more accessible. This has led to what we like to call, the can craze.

It just makes sense that we would want to tote our favorite crafts around town. That’s why we love cans. They’re lighter, chill quicker in our ice mule coolers, and they are easier to slip into a koozie as you bike to the park. Not to mention, if things get a little crazy, our aluminum friends will not shatter if they tumble to the ground. The sun can burn our skin, and it can also mess with our beloved liquid. Cans are designed to keep light out best. They are the sunscreen of beer containers. So, let’s practice safe drinking this fall and keep our beer protected.

Now, let’s explore just some of the places to grab a craft brew. These places are gems. They don’t just carry a handful of crafts and a few big-name domestics. These are the places where beer snobs can run wild and tease their palate with porters and pale ales, alike.


Alewife’s iconic shipping crate located in the store

Alewife Craft Beer Bottle Shop and Tasting Room

Ladies first! The women behind Alewife, Kelly Pickard and Jamie Burket, are huge proponents of quality beer. The name alewife comes from the first historic homebrewers — women. Back in the day the men would go work all day and the women would stay home with the children and cook, as well as brew the beer. These women would be called alewifes. Kelly and Jamie are definitely the women leading the craft beer game in Jacksonville. Walk into their downtown Jacksonville shop, and you will find hundreds of craft beers in bottles and cans. Not only can you enjoy the brew in their indoor beer garden while playing some cornhole, but you can also create six packs and take them on the road. Not to mention they have six rotating taps that can fill your growler. After an hour in craft beer heaven, you will be thanking history for the woman’s touch.

Rendezvous Beer Bar

Rendezvous Beer Bar has an extensive collection of bombers

Rendezvous Beer Bar

When in St. Augustine, Rendezvous is a must. The staff is adorned with beer server certifications, and the lingo that it takes to talk about the 200-plus craft beers that line their coolers. You cannot tote their brews home, but trust me, you don’t want to. The historic atmosphere and the countless IPAs will give anyone the feels. It is not hard to stumble upon Rendezvous. You will find this little brew haven right off of St. George Street. So, stop in, grab a beer and chat it up with the most knowledgeable staff in St. Augustine.


Inside Beer:30’s shop located in San Marco


Finding good craft beer that you are able to tote out of the store is more difficult than you would think. Beer:30 is making sure they have us covered by opening their second shop in San Marco. This location serves great as a second office for anyone who works downtown. Not to mention, it is on the way home to the beaches, so why not just wait here for traffic to die down? Heck, you can grab some brews to bring home to your partner. They have a bomber selection that rattles minds and impresses cicerones. Saddle up a six-pack, or drink it at the bar with the owner, Kevin. He encourages the company.