Taylor Greenspan has been highly involved in the Jacksonville skate community for some years now. Greenspan has made notable appearances in Ryan King’s “Mixtape Series” and “Bok Choy” and more recently in Matt Oistacher’s “The Spongers.” Recently, Greenspan’s been hard at work, preparing to open a new shop in Jacksonville Beach called Permission, that focuses solely on the skate culture he holds so dear. I sat down with Taylor to get some more info on his new shop (set to open Nov. 1) and the evolving nature of skating culture here in Northeast Florida.

 When did you decide to start Permission?
I brought the whole idea to life about six months ago, but I always felt strongly that Jacksonville beach needed a real skate shop. Especially when the new skatepark opened in sunshine park in south Jax–the place is always crowded. 

 What role do you think a core skate shop plays in the community?
I think a core shop in every community means everything. It drives the scene. It gives people a sense of community–like being part of something. There’s nothing like this in Jacksonville beach, currently. Just like the skatepark–it’s a community center. Everyone here is likeminded and just loves skateboarding.

Will Permission have a team?
I don’t know if I’d call it a team. It’s more like a group of homeys and close friends that all skate and film together. I do got my eye on a few people around Jacksonville that I really enjoy watching that I’d love to get included in what we are doing though.

You’ve been involved in some stellar local videos over the years. Can we expect Permission to start putting out some footage?
Yes, definitely. So that’s one of my main goals is to pump out hella media! Sort of showcase the talent we have here, and the spots we have. We have already released several videos since this concept started. No full length stuff, just fun montage style videos. If you haven’t been watching them you need to start, we are finding new spots all across the entire city. 

Games of skate in the shop?
Of course, nothing beats the air conditioned flat ground warm up game before you go skate [laughs]!

Taylor Greenspan doing what he does. He’ll add business owner to his resume when he opens Permission Skate Shop in Jax Beach on November 1.
Photo: Chris Jolly

You are opening Nov 1st, right? Any big plans?
Yaaasss! November 1st is the first official day we will be open for business. I cannot wait to get these doors open to the public! We are also throwing an insane event right down the street from the shop at Sunshine Park. We got some killer stuff planned. It’s going to be such a good time. We definitely want everyone to come out and take part in this special moment. We got some sick contest events, and maybe even a special guest or two. November 3rd is the event. SLIIIIDE!!