This beer aficionado was simply giddy when I saw the taps at Copper. I was like a kid in a candy store, “Ooo, look–they have Arrogant Bastard and Rogue Hazlenut on tap!  And Honkers Ale!  And look, Brooklyn Brown Ale too!”  Just take a peek at their website to see what’s on tap.  I am a big fan of local breweries too, and there are some great local breweries represented as well, in brews that you don’t always see, such as King Street Stout from Intuition.  But sometimes it can be hard to find West Coast or Colorado beers on tap all the way out here in Florida.  At Copper, all regions of the country are represented on tap, and you can even get flights of beers from each region served on a cool looking map tray pictured below.

flight tray

Each flight comes with six 4-ounce samples of beers that represent a certain region of the country. Available options include the Southeast, Northeast, Northwest, and the Southwest.  You can also create your own flights at just $2 for each 4-ounce pour.  Check out that bar covered in pennies, by the way.  I found out that it took over 200 man-hours and roughly $480 worth of pennies to complete!

And, incidentally, they also serve food.

In the same spirit as the beer flights, you can also order regional sliders from locales such as Southern, Island, NorthEast, MidWest, SouthWest and West Coast.  Choose a region for $10 to $12.25, or order sliders individually for $3 to $5.75.

The menu also features four different choices of handhelds. A cheeseburger, a fried fish sandwich, a Mexican sandwich called “The Bolillo,” and an Italian sausage handheld. Personally, I thought they could use a couple more options.  Where’s the chicken?  Entrees include the “Tejas RibEye Ancho,” a rosemary roasted duck breast, and something called “Loco Moco”, a traditional Hawaiian dish featuring ground chuck served over Hawaiian-style rice topped with two fried eggs and covered with a “Loco” demi-glace. Someone dining at the bar ordered this, and everyone kept asking him how it was.  He said it was good, but his wife said she wasn’t a fan of the “Loco” sauce.

The menu was created by Ace French of Atlantic Beach’s Two Dudes Fresh Seafood Eatery & Market, so seafood is definitely represented here.  Entrees include a seared ahi tuna, Grand Marnier seared scallops, and this impressive looking Cuban pan-fried whole-tail snapper pictured here.


It was so impressive looking that I had to ask the stranger who ordered it if I could take a picture of her fish.

My companion and I decided to stick with the sliders. We ordered the SouthWest (Pollo Diablo, Chorizo Con Huevos and Beef/Black Bean burger)  and the MidWest (KC BBQ, Lamb & Goat Cheese and Chili-Cheese Beef).  They don’t come with any sides however, so we decided to share a plate of fries, which the waitress assured us would be large enough for two. It was huge.  The tastiest sliders from our selections were the lamb and goat cheese, and the Pollo Diablo.  The Pollo Diablo had a delicious kick to it that was spicy, juicy and flavorful.  I think it would make a great addition to the handheld selections.  The lamb was quite savory, and the goat cheese complimented the taste so well.  The buns were soft and fluffy (the menu says they are “Beach Bread Slider Buns” made from scratch in-house daily), but I would have liked them to be a little warmer, as they were room temperature.  in addition, the goat cheese was still cool from the fridge as well.  I think they should warm that little lamb up.  The chorizo slider was also well-seasoned, and melted in my mouth.

photo (1)

Our waitress sang the praises of the desserts here, most notably the Tortuga Rum Cake and the Ultimate Cannoli, but alas, we had not saved room.  Also, the note on the menu about the rum cake gave me pause. “It is legend that one may become intoxicated by just eating a piece of this cake…Make sure you have your designated driver!”