On old long syne, my Jo. On old long syne.

Translation: Another year of making magazines (or something). 

We made 12 of these bad boys in 2019, a year in which we told many stories, profiled dozens of Northeast Floridians, published hundreds of neat photos, and threw some fun parties. We also put out an all-local music compilation on vinyl (our second), filmed/recorded a dozen or so Into the Void: Office Music Series videos (youtube.com/watchvoid), and asked artists to draw all over a blank cover our publication. Oh, and we celebrated a milestone: 100 issues of Void Mag

For me, each issue serves as a signpost of sorts—where have we been? Where are we headed? And each year, this issue in particular—our Photo Annual—helps to crystallize the work we’ve done and the things we’d like to accomplish. Diving into the cache of images that we collect from readers each year (this year’s batch numbered in the hundreds) is instructive, in that, everything we do here comes from the community. The magazine is a reflection of you; what you’re listening to, what’s moving you, what you’re into. That is to say: Where we’ve been and where we’re going. It’s fitting that it comes around every December, a time when many are embarking on their own brand of self-reflection (even goal-setting, for some!). 

One of several photographs by Tenny Rudolph whose work is featured in our December issue.

In addition to the Group Show of reader-submitted images we’ve assembled, we’ve also taken to giving a substantial portion of this issue’s proverbial gallery wall to lens-people whose images speak to something redeeming about what it means to be alive in Northeast Florida today. This year we’re offering a portfolio of images from Ana Kamiar and Tenny Rudolph. Kamiar, perhaps the more established of the two—she’s an arts professor at FSCJ and has followed a somewhat more traditional creative path—explores more existential questions. Rudolph, meanwhile, has in short-time emerged as a kind of image-making-wunderkind, fashioning hyper-stylized photographs that capture the beauty and diversity of Jacksonville’s current youth-milieu. 

One of several photos by Ana Kamiar featured in our December issue.

Collectively the images herein show our region—its people, its culture, its natural beauty—in all its glory. We hope it inspires some reflection on how lucky we are to be alive, in this place, at this time. We hope it ignites your passion to engage, to create, to contribute. At the very least, we’d be stoked if you simply enjoy looking at the pretty pictures that we’ve printed on our pages. 

We’ve accomplished a lot this year. None of it would be possible without you. 

Auld Lang Syne,

This feature originally appeared as the Liner Notes to the December 2019 issue of Void Magazine, The Photo Annual.