PHOTOJAX 2013 wants your photos! The #Photojax500 Project is a collaboration of images by, well, YOU!

Submit your best Instagram photos by tagging them with #photojax500. Deadline is January 14, 2013.

PHOTOJAX 2013 is a celebration of photography as distinct visual art form. From the populist to the academic perspective, PHOTOJAX 2013 provides a forum to experience, educate and enlighten our community through the art of photography.

PHOTOJAX 2013 will bring a diversity of photography related exhibitions,gallery openings, video installations, projections and a community photo competition, parties, and more. The festival brings together photographers, photography enthusiasts, collectors, educators, galleries, museums and the general public to explore all aspects of the medium of photography.

When: Benefit Kick- Off Reception @ Florida Mining Gallery, Thursday, January 24; Friday, January 25, Downtown Jacksonville;
Saturday, January 26, CoRK Arts District