Thought you were past the stage of terrifying clown appearances at childhood birthday parties? Think again.

Whether the last few months of clown sightings are a viral stunt, Halloween phase, marketing scheme, sick joke or potential crime, the red-nosed mischief-makers are on the rise — staying true to their character and causing much attention … most of the time.

During all of this creepy clown talk, possibly the most iconic clown of all time is feeling the wrath. McDonald’s brand is putting good ole’ Ronald in temporary hiding due to the dangerous circus recent clowns are entertaining around the country.

Ronald McDonald has been the face of the franchise since 1963. With respect to the recent peculiar sightings, the brand must play it safe with acknowledgement to current events.

So, with the rise in clown sightings, this familiar face will not be one of them … though we don’t think anyone will miss him.