Signs of autumn around the county include cooler temperatures, colorful leaves changing and falling…but in North Florida, not so much. Here we have something much better: pumpkin donuts at Cinotti’s!

Cinotti’s pumpkin donuts are famous in Jacksonville.  The small, family-operated bakery only makes these local favorites for a short time every year in the fall.  Anticipation is so great, there is always a line out the door on the first day the donuts make their debut. In response to overwhelming demand, Cinotti’s recently purchased a second donut fryer which will double their production.  They also hired additional staff.

This year, the pumpkin donuts will be available (drum roll please) on September 27!  

Cinotti’s Bakery has been a Jacksonville institution since 1964.  Joe and Phyllis Cinotti first opened their doors on 1st Avenue North, baking delectable treats for twenty years until they passed the torch to current owners Mike and Doodle.  They are the fifth generation of the Cinotti family to carry on the bakery business.  The current location on Penman Road opened in August of 1990.  The owners are characterized by a strong Christian faith, saying, “We seek to honor God with all that we do in our establishment, trusting that God’s hands are upon it.”  They must be on to something, because those pumpkin donuts are heavenly.

If you don’t feel like standing in line in the dark at 6 am on Friday morning, you can call the bakery at (904) 246-1728 to pre-order a dozen.  Reportedly, they will even mail the donuts to you if you are willing to pay shipping costs.

Like all good things, pumpkin donut season will eventually come to an end. In 2012, the last batch was sold on Christmas Eve.

pumpkin donuts