If I had a dime for every time someone declared chivalry dead, I wouldn’t be writing magazine articles. No, if that were the case, I would be swimming laps in the pool behind my three-story, oceanfront house, located within Tiffany’s by the Sea in Atlantic Beach. My exotic-lady-for-the-time-being would be laid out, on her balcony of choice, with both the latest issue of Void and a cool beverage within arm’s reach. Life would be stellar, fantastic! Unfortunately, it would all be a lie.

Swimming laps? An endless coping mechanism. My dream abode? Ill-gotten. My entire means of wealth generation? Untrue and, ultimately, unbearable. You see, Chivalry isn’t dead. In fact, it never was! The medieval code of knighthood has only shifted from, well, its medieval-ness, to a far more complicated time – the 21st Century.

While its evolution may be considered extensive in nature, present day’s take on knightly principles, which include courage, honor, courtesy, justice and readiness to help the weak, aren’t all that dissimilar to those of the Middle Ages. One of the most evident platforms of chivalry’s adaption is in online interaction, specifically, through social media. With the constant and swift development of dating apps and niche singles websites, people looking to meet and connect with potential partners are finding a sometimes-challenging process easier than ever.

Of course, not every male in today’s scene is concerned with being considered knightly, and the argument that the qualities of a chivalrous man have been watered down by Internet anonymity and indirect conversation is certainty one that is held prominent. However, it’s important to remember that even in the times that bred chivalry, not all the kingdom’s men were gung-ho on upholding the code. Chivalry has always been a choice, a vow that can only be made and upheld by oneself.

With that in mind, take a second or two to observe the table below, which showcases examples of chivalry as they once were, alongside their modern-day adaptations. Some of these cases have definitely taken a new, technology-infused form, for better or worse … you be the judge. Fundamentally, it appears that chivalry has only traded in its suit of shining armor for one that is more time-appropriate, something we all might recognize as “slim fit.”


Then — Writing and sending a handwritten love letter to her.

Now — Crafting sincere, courteous direct-messages to her through social media.


Then — Being faithful to thou one true lady and her.

Now — Keeping text messages, photos and other private exchanges between only you and her.


Then — Helping a lady off of her royal stead.

Now — Opening and closing the car door.


Then — Dueling another knight for the privilege of a lady’s heart.

Now — Standing up for her when she is aggressively spoken to, or harassed by another man.

Helping Hand

Then — Aiding orphans, widows and the sick.

Now — Volunteering, contributing to crowdfunding platforms like YouCaring.