Safe Touch Security is the leading independent communications-security company in Jacksonville. With a range of wireless home security systems and a team of professionals who can help you decide whether a wireless system is ideal for you. As technology has advanced and these cameras have become more reliable, wireless home security systems are becoming increasingly popular, leading to a decrease in price. Safe Touch makes it easy to protect both your family and home. Florida is considered to have one of the highest rates of crime in any state. Don’t be another statistic, prepare for any situation, stay alert and invest in a trusted security system.

For busy homeowners in Jacksonville, one of the advantages of a wireless home security system is that they are faster to install, which lessens the amount of time customers wait to feel protected and secure in their homes. Perhaps the best advantage of this type of system is that wireless home security systems can be monitored from nearly anywhere. While traditional systems are limited by their wires, wireless systems have a much greater range. The cameras in some wireless home security systems can be monitored over a secure internet connection, allowing you to check on your home while across the country or even across the globe. By downloading an app on your smartphone, you can visually check and monitor your home. Did you leave the oven on? These thoughts can make you go crazy when your mind starts running wild. When you can’t always leave school or work, what do you do? Being able to simply check your smartphone gives you the sense of security essential to any homeowner.

Did you know?

  • Safe Touch guarantees a response within 45 seconds for their home and business alarm monitoring clients.
  • The average speed is much faster: only 11 seconds.
  • You can be notified each time your alarm is turned on or off.
  • Your alarm communicates with the command center even if your phone lines are down or cut.
  • 96-zone monitoring system lets you now exactly where your alarm got triggered.
  • When your alarm sounds, Safe Touch can listen in to verify the emergency, allowing Safe Touch to request the most appropriate response by authorities.
  • If you live alone, or are often alone in your home for long periods of time, having a home system is your best option.
  • In Florida in 2010, statistics show there was one property crime every 47 seconds, one robbery every 20 minutes, and one burglary every 3 minutes.
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