The future is primitive; or so it seems. Vinyl records. Artisan this. Artisan that. And, of course, every shape and configuration from every surfing era, from Hawaiian Alias to Simon Anderson thrusters, are currently being ridden. 

For legendary North Florida shaper, Mike Whisnant—a craftsman with nearly a half-century of board building experience—our latest era of experimentation has been a welcome transition. Folks who’ve followed his career know Whisnant buttered his bread for decades as one of the Atlantic Coast’s most respected and accomplished builders of the high performance blades de rigueur of the 90s and 2000s. But the Whiz is no one trick pony. Before boards went narrow and paper thin, they’d been long and chunky, short and mono-finned, shorter and dual-finned, etc.

And Whisnant’s been there, shaped that. Such experience has lent him a bag of tricks to deploy on shapes capable of turning even the most marginal surf conditions into magic. 

On this gorgeous, mellow-rockered 4+1 mid-length, Whisnant certainly pulled from his deep well, adding 60/40 rails to a rolled vee bottom contour and double concave that runs from the clustered quad fins through the board’s midpoint. This thing can move, an effortless paddle with race-y down the line speed. And though it may add little to the board’s inertia, we’re feeling the choice glass job by recent addition to the Whisnant empire, glasser-extraordinaire Derek Jackson (AKA Useless Toys). A modern craft built for primitive pleasure, this board should be in your future quiver.

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This neat surfboard originally appeared in Void Magazine’s September 2019 issue.