So the date, times, performers, sponsors, promotions and everything in-between has been carried out by The Jacksonville Jazz Festival and you’re wondering, “Who should I check out that actually LIVES in Jacksonville?” Well I have a short list of bands and artists I truly believe you should check out this weekend. In no particular order or bias reasons.


Nick Fresh

This musician, or in simple terms, an A-1 DJ, has shown every time how to not worry about anything else BUT having a great time at his events. His music catalog will serve up every granny, mom, teen and kid … along with his sparky character. He has a mix show titled “The Looseness” that runs every Wednesday on at 9 a.m., noon, 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. (you can access this online and/or download The Sound Of Duval app) and a host of events and happenings that will make you happy.

Performance location: Friday at the Swingin’ Stage on Main Street at 5 p.m. and playing in-between bands throughout the evening.


Higher Learning

Hip Hop’s Ryu and Ken (said with extreme respect). These two (Steph Luv & A.L.P.H.A.) effortlessly sharpen each other, which has them equally presenting an awesome showmanship to their audience. To get to speed on what to expect, check out their recent mixtape release “The Greatest That Never Made It (Part 1).” They’re gearing up to drop an Hadouken (aka their project) very soon.

Performance location: Friday at 1904 Music Hall at 8 p.m.


Stank Sauce

When you’re at Artwalk downtown (I know you’ve ALL been … right?) and you run across this electric, energetic youthful/adult band, I guarantee you that it’s Stank Sauce. Created in 2011, they’ve been lighting up various venues and events beginning with The Battle of the Bands that was held at UNF to the MTVU Invasion Tour … to … Artwalk. Oh … their version of Outkast’s “So Fresh, So Clean” is life! Don’t miss them!

Performance location: Saturday at the Breezin Stage, located at The Jacksonville Landing at 5 p.m.


DJ Guru

Known as the well founding DJ of Downtown Cigar Lounge and the inventor of setting the lounge experience. He has been moving around the Duval circuit spinning for reoccurring day (The Day Party Jacksonville) and evening events (Acid First Friday’s). He recently was in Orlando, where he complimented the legendary DJ Maseo (of De La Soul) at an Acid Cigar Event. Much more to come from him but for the weekend, make sure you check him out … lounging.

Performance location: Friday at Downtown Cigar Lounge at 9 p.m.


Tough Junkie

An introduction? Short and sweet — He is one half of Simple Complexity (peace to Mas Appeal), he has done an enormous amount of work with the running old and new hip hop heads and for some legendaries, including Dres of Black Sheep. Whether it’s a solo strive or with the mighty FFJB crew, the music and his performance remains tough. He’s been around. He’s done more than I speak on this “introduction.” Duval District Hall of Fame? Yeah … his name would be at the top with many others. Dig.

Performance location: Saturday at 1904 Music Hall at 10 p.m.

That’s my list of who you should definitely check out this weekend. There are many other bands and artists that I recommend (Katz Downstairz, Universal Green, Party in a Box featuring Allana Southerland, etc.) so overall, enjoy your time in downtown Jacksonville! The city will definitely be out in full swing.

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