Blair Richardson makes horror films. She’s only 21, but already worked on many film projects throughout Florida and Georgia. She wrote, produced, and directed a short horror film “First Date” earlier this year.

For budding film makers in Jacksonville, finding the money to make their films is the really hard part. Finding creative talent, equipment, eager actors, make-up artists, photographers, and writers; well, everybody wants to be in the movies.

The usual funding methods are through their own resources, family, and friends. But some are finding new ways to raise the money for development, costume creation, and production costs.

Now she has twenty days to raise $2,300 for her second horror project through an indie fund raising website Indiegogo ( Richardson recorded a 3.30 minute description of the film about a lost cat and explains how anyone can contribute dollars toward the project. Usually it’s still friends and family investing $20, or so, but within 24-hours of her pitch, Richardson found three contributors she does not know nor has never met.

The film, if fully funded, will be shot in Jacksonville. Much of the money raised will go toward creating a full creature suit (a technique that hasn’t been seen out of Jacksonville since the 60s) that includes puppeteered portions and, according to its creators, will utilize identical quality material of Hollywood big budget films. Because studio production costs can overwhelm indie film makers, this film will be an “old school” CGI-free experience similar to films like “Friday the 13th”, “Alien”, and a plot similar to an episode from “Tales from the Crypt”.

The twenty-day deadline becomes critical. If the full funding goals are not met within the timeline, the funds are returned to its contributors. So, the pitch moves to Facebook, email, and Twitter where Richardson updates amounts collected, reveals additional information about the film, and reaches out to “new” friends. It’s kind of a modern day telethon, only pledges are returned if set goals are not met and instead of a television screen, Facebook and Twitter become the new medium.

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