I’ve always been envious of a bird’s ability to fly high up into the sky. Hang Glide USA in Amelia Island gives you an opportunity to get this unique “bird’s eye view,” without having to sport wings of your own.

Powered hang gliding, or trike flying, is the perfect way to view the beautiful Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach from thousands of feet in the air. I went on a tour with trike pilot, Kent Heitzinger, last weekend who knew the history of the town like the back of his hand. We soared over communities, marshes, beaches and the Atlantic amongst the birds themselves. I left our 30-minute tour wanting to buy a trike plane of my own!


If you’re looking for a thrill but not yet ready to jump out of a plane, visit the folks at Hang Glide USA. For more information, you can follow them on Instagram at @flyamelia or visit their website at hangglidenow.com.