After being greeted by warm smiles from owners Cindy and Michael Itkoff, champagne, cupcakes, and cute clothing, it is safe to say Jacksonville’s first fab’rik in St. Johns Town Center is open for business. The boutique’s pre-opening celebration was held Wednesday, August 13, from 5 to 8 p.m. Right away, the store was packed with curious customers and the newly-hired stylists. However, it wasn’t the champagne or cupcakes that drew the crowd — but rather, the overwhelming sense of excitement that leaked out from under the glass doors, and not to mention, the clothing.

Excluding the denim, you can rest assured that clothing prices do not exceed $100, further exemplifying the mission of fab’rik: to deliver high style with heart, no attitude, or sticker shock to women across the country. “I want to bring back the importance of customer service,” said owner, Cindy Itkoff. She explained that it was almost difficult to hire a full staff because of how diligent she was in her search to find stylists who have the skill and, more importantly, the love to help customers find those must-have pieces. But from the looks of it, a full staff of trained stylists have been hired and are ready to help you shop.

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