Most people have heard of the term “catfish” in which someone pretends to be someone online to gain some kind of notoriety, relationship, money or use as an escape from their own boring lives.

It happens all the time in online dating and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

And for Void’s upcoming Social Media Issue, we want to know if anything like this has happened to you?


We’ve heard of instances where one of our very own employees had their pictures stolen off their Facebook and put into a new profile, pretending to be that person. We’ve seen the very public humiliation of former Notre’ Dame QB Manti Te’o in which he was duped into a relationship via Twitter by a guy pretending to be a woman. Even ESPN fell victim to a fake persona online when one of their own writers was caught submitting pictures that she claimed were her own, but never belonged to her.

Has something like this happened to you or a friend? Void wants to hear about it!

A combination of the stories collected will be used for an article in the upcoming Social issue. You can choose to remain public or completely anonymous. Your call.

Email all stories to


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And just in case you wanted to check out some of the stories of people being Catfished, check out the new season of the show which premiers June 25th…