Since Shad Khan took over the Jaguars, the Jacksonville community has become more hands-on with the team. The community has never given up on the Jags, and today, their support is stronger than ever. The Jaguars have not only made big strides in bringing success back to the football field, but back to the community as well.

One man seeing the benefits in that wholesome community bond is Mohammed Raoof. For the Waterman’s profile in the Jags’ Issue, Raoof seemed like just the man with enough salt in his veins and more than enough teal in his blood to fit the role.

Raoof, most often recognized around Jacksonville as a lifelong local, waterman, seasoned surf photographer and, above all, die-hard Jaguars enthusiast, has spent his entire life on the rivers and beaches of North Florida. Most recently though, his talents and 904 pride have brought him an opportunity with the Jaguars’ organization as a construction manager during the renovations of EverBank Field, or more specifically, during the addition of the world’s largest scoreboard.

With his family lineage in construction, Raoof has been doing commercial and residential construction for many years and graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in construction management. At the ripe age of 25, and as an already seasoned construction project manager, he now serves on the Associated Builders and Contractors Young Professional Leadership Committee.

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Being a lifelong Jags fan, Raoof took this year’s EverBank project personally, and was more excited about the scoreboard challenge than many of the jobs he has done in the past.

“I have always been dedicated to whatever project I am working on, but I can definitely say that being a Jaguars fan was a game changer for my dedication. The constant thought of having your city and your team on your back is one hell of a motivational tool to keep you focused,” Raoof said.

Prior to inspiring people to build or tackle the EverBank project, he spent his days in the water surfing, fishing or clicking his shutter as a surf photographer around the beaches of Jacksonville.

Before anything, he was a surfer, and as most surfers can relate to, his entire lifestyle was based around the ocean. After several knee injuries and surgeries, Raoof took a hiatus from surfing and picked up a camera to stay close to the ocean. After shooting more and more, his passion for photography grew.

“I have shot anything and everything over time, yet I always gravitated toward shooting surf as a true passion,” he said. “With a career in construction, I have been able to take the J-O-B element out of my photography and have been able to focus on just creating and experimenting, instead of focusing on making money with photos.”

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In some way, Mohammed has been able to connect all aspects of his life to find success in everything he is passionate about. Today, Raoof has an impressive portfolio, a genuine love for the waters of Jacksonville, and a budding construction career with a resume that includes contributing to the assembly of the largest scoreboards in the world.

With his mind in the ocean and his heart in the Jags, it only made sense that Mohammed be the waterman of the month.

“Let’s put it this way, I will miss work, weddings, and funerals when the waves are pumping, but I will never miss a Jags game! The ‘Bank’ is my church, and my friends and family are always with me. Supporting the Jaguars is so much bigger than football, yet football is all we need.”