For a major city that is still growing, one aspect might be missing from the Bold City. Can anyone outside of Jacksonville name a rapper from our city without checking online? There are a couple that might spring to mind for dedicated fans, but nothing comes close when compared to other cities like New York, Houston, Atlanta and LA, where rappers run synonymously with the cities that they represent.

HD or HDTV is out to change that. The 24-year-old from the Westside is on the rise and has had multiple offers from record companies. He understands he has to stand out from his counterparts and does that by making everything he puts out part of a never-ending story.

“I’m really trying to paint a picture and make it as vivid as possible, in HDTV,” HD said. “People like to make a certain craft or style and put it out. Then it’ll fade away. The people who stick around are telling a story and every time I drop something I feel like it’s another chapter in my novel.”

HD’s mixtape Fuck It Keep Rolling or #FIKR has been gaining steam. His upcoming projects feature acts such as PeeWee Longway and Woop.

HD started rapping all the way back in elementary school but didn’t seriously consider being a rapper until he was 19. He’s also collaborated with Caskey, who is signed with Young Money. Knowing what little impact has came from Jacksonville, HD’s trying to turn a new page.

“The overall scale of music known for being not up to par. I call some of it backyard boogie. You got to come in your own lane,” he said. “We are really making a push like never before now. I’m trying to put this up like Nelly did St. Louis, like Eminem did Detroit.”


HD can still remember his first rap about Frederick Douglass ever for show and tell in elementary school when it all began. The Jacksonville native’s biggest influences are Boosie, B.G. and 2Pac, but HD said he was also influenced by other genres.

“One of my favorite artist is Evanescence, I like every type of music. I was a part of that Lincoln Park wave when they were everywhere.”

A freestyle he spit in high school is the rapper’s favorite verse, which also happened to go viral at the time and gained him some well-deserved publicity. HD and Woop are two of the most anticipated independent Florida artists, with Woop having one of the most downloaded on Indy Live mix tapes.

His flow varies from song to song and it’s hard to compare him to anyone else. He’ll try and do what few from Jacksonville have done.


“The whole HD, HDTV, I like to think I live my life in HD and it’s pretty vivid out here. Whether people can relate to it or not it’s what’s going on out here.”