Where can you acquire these tasty beers so that you can gift your friends with good craft beers? There are a handful of places around town to pick up some six packs.

Alewife Bottleshop and Tasting Room is the newest craft beer bar in riverside. However, in this exposed brick beer garden, you can find more than 200 craft beers that you can tote home. That’s right, mix your six-pack, or grab a bomber to age. They have it all, my friends. If you want to lounge around Five Points for a little, you could also drink your brews there with Riley, the shop dachshund.

After that, you should mosey over to Brew Five Points and sip on all of the beers mentioned above, along with lavender cold brew to caffeinate yourself for the summer night ahead. Espresso and craft beer, the liquids of life.

Another noteworthy shop to find elusive brews is Beer:30 in San Marco. The shelves there hold the best beers that are distributed through the country. Pop open a bomber in the shop and share it with a friend, and then create a six-pack to go. Who doesn’t like being able to drink a beer while shopping for beer. Am I right?


Bold City cans their own beer right here in town.

It just makes sense that we would want to tote our favorite crafts around town. That’s why we love cans. They’re lighter, chill quicker in our Ice Mule coolers, and they are easier to slip into a koozie as you bike to the park. Not to mention, if things get a little crazy, our aluminum friends will not shatter if they tumble to the ground.

The sun can burn our skin, and it can also mess with our beloved liquid. Cans are designed to keep light out best. They are the sunscreen of beer containers. So, let’s practice safe drinking this summer and keep our beer protected — can in koozie, my friends.

By: Emily Simpson | Contributor