A camel bit its owner’s head off last Saturday in the Rajasthan Barmer district of India. This aggression stemmed from the camel being tied up under the blistering heat for several hours, according to a Times of India article.

The man realized he left the camel out while he entertained guests at his home, according to the article. The camel killed him after he attempted to untie it. It took 25 villagers and six hours to calm the camel down and restrain it, but animals aren’t the only ones noticing the searing weather.

A Daily Mail article said Rajasthan is experiencing abnormally high heat levels which can get up to about 124 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a record-breaking temperature in India. Aside from this, the area is also suffering from a water shortage and its hospitals are continuing to fill with heat stroke victims.

Let’s just say the camel’s owner won’t be getting ahead anytime soon.