The Museum of Contemporary Art, located in downtown Jacksonville, never fails to bring the community thought-provoking exhibits and has consistently been a fantastic outlet for the art scene in Jacksonville. From hosting exhibitions for artists in our community, to bringing in diverse collections from all around the globe, MOCA is a museum that encourages community awareness of the arts.

Coming October 21 is their exhibit entitled: Call & Response. MOCA explains the six themes they have adopted within their permanent collection: “Art as Social Commentary,” “The Evolution of Mark-making,” “Material as Meaning,” “New Media,” “Process and Object Relationship,” and “(Re)presentation.” According to MOCA, these six themes explore a “wide array of art-making practices.”

With this revamp of their permanent collection, individual artists were invited to have creative liberty and ether create a new work or present an existing piece. MOCA explains: “… the Permanent Collection acts as a springboard for artists to respond in a variety of ways and media-from sharing new work inspired by the Permanent Collection’s themes and then placing them in conversation with one another.”

Artistic interpretation and fluidity is important, as it reinforces the discourse within a community that can examine concepts that are explored within a new, or preexisting piece of art. This new exhibit embodies the idea of conversation and conveys the importance of artistic communication.

Call & Response will run from October 21, 2017 through April 1, 2018. For more information about the artists involved or the exhibition, check out their website.