With over 10 varieties of ESPN available on cable these days, there is no doubt that fans like talking about sports just as much as they like watching them. Though former players and talking heads make up the majority of sports commentary, Darren Bounds is moving sports coverage away from the networks and putting it back in the hands of the fans with his new app, SportsYapper.

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“SportsYapper is a platform for friends and fans to enjoy the game,” Bounds said. Bounds is the main developer behind the app, which is run out of Florida and New York. The idea for the app came from the other non-technical founders of the app who were looking for an alternative forum for talking sports. Before developing the app, Bounds’ fellow founders were actually competition at rivaling companies before deciding to work together on the app.

“They [the New York founders] were having trouble finding an outlet to talk about sports with their friends around people who aren’t involved,” Bounds said. “It’s about taking what’s on Facebook and Twitter to a different level and hyper-optimizing it for sports.”

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Bounds initially wrote the app program, but has since hired 14 new employees for the Jacksonville-based office.

The app, which is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, serves as a media hub that allows users to converse with friends and the public before, during, and after games to share their take on various sporting events. In short, those living room chants and trash talk now have a forum.

Not only does it allow the user to share multimedia coverage on their opinion of the game, but the app also helps the true fan organize their sporting schedule through custom game reminders and score updates. “Sports conversation represents the majority of conversation on social media outlets,” Bounds said. “So far, every week is our biggest week ever [in app downloads].” Last month, SportsYapper was the number one ranked app in the UK app store.

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The app is free on the Apple app store. SportsYapper gets revenue through varying streams, primarily through connections to different media companies. For example, advertisements associated with the broadcasting of the game could be companioned on the device, whether it be an iPhone or iPad.

SportsYapper is essentially the sports bar of the 21st century. Rivalries take on new meaning due to the app’s ability to organize users into their respective game forums. The long-distance Jags fan can feel like he’s watching the game at home with his buddies.