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So it’s 3:30 on a Monday, and you missed lunch earlier that day. You face a dilemma, hold out for healthier food after work, or grab a twinkie from your office’s dated vending machine. Brandon Stallings, the man behind Jacksonville’s newest health food vendor, believes that accessibility shouldn’t sacrifice quality.

The name of the vending machine is SmartBox, and though it’s only been on the market for two years, Stallings’ company is taking office spaces, gyms and other places of business by storm.

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Every SmartBox features cashless technology that allows users to pay with a multitude of methods. And if that bag of pita chips gets stuck, the interactive display allows users to contact a representative for help. Additionally, some SmartBoxes can house perishables like juices and other low-calorie options.

SmartBox has also been branching out its services with the inclusion of a new “Fruit Box,” which can be delivered to businesses as part of the vending service.

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“Equipped with convenient cashless payment and advanced touch-screen technology, your favorite healthy options will always be at your fingertips.” – SmartBox Website