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The Pratt Guys, founded by Adam, Derek and Jason Pratt, have a hashtag running on twitter, “#EnjoyEarth.” As they celebrate their tenth-year anniversary in the business, these guys have redefined enjoying nature by creating outdoor spaces that seamlessly flow with the earth around them.

Best known for their pergolas, intricate wooden structures that provide shade through wooden slats, the Pratt Guys have redefined the nature of outdoor structuring by melding the art of architecture with natural elements.

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For example, there is currently an opening for a “maker” on the Pratt Guys team. The job title on their site emphasizes “a unique imagination.” It is the imaginative approach of the Pratt Guys that led them to win sixth place at Jacksonville’s One Spark event.

Though recession did take a toll on the company in 2009, the intuition to recreate the identity of an outdoor craftsman has led to their ultimate success as a leader in outdoor spaces today.

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