Established just last year, GO Pull-It has brought recycling out of the junkyard days and into the forefront of the green movement. As Jacksonville’s most efficient and organized auto-recycling center, GO Pull-It has become a part of the sixteenth-largest industry in the United States. Owners Jason Finley and Brian Shell run the mammoth 25-acre facility in northwest Jacksonville that has the capacity to dismantle over a thousand cars a month without releasing any dangerous toxins into the environment.

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The name of the company, GO Pull-It, speaks to the self-service nature of the lot. When the desired car part is found, patrons can literally pull the part from the car. However, finding a head rest for a ’99 Ford Escort could be like trying to find a needle in, well, a pile of cars. What sets GO Pull-It apart from the typical junkyard is the organizational technology used to categorize every part on every car in their inventory. Additionally, they utilize an interchange system that can not only identify the desired part but also look up similar models that used the same part to increase the chances of finding, say, a headrest for a ’99 Ford Escort.

For example, a starter from a ’98 Buick Lesabre also fits an ’01 Pontiac Firebird and 11 other makes and models. And yeah, they have 11 Ford Escorts in stock. The cost of that headrest you found? $7.

“We had a background in recycling,” Shell said. “The single largest supplier to the scrap-metal industry are automotive recyclers.” Naturally, the two owners found a great opportunity in the auto-recycling business. “It’s a little more sophisticated approach to dismantling the car. We’re taking the car apart so that somebody else can put it back together,” Shell added.

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GO Pull-It will also pay cash for most cars, even junked ones, and they can come and pick it up for free. Additionally, for those who are less tool-savvy, the company can help pull, clean and ship any desired part through their partner company GO Auto Recycling.

Additionally, GO Auto Recycling has the capability of dismantling and de-polluting cars with no harm to the environment. “We are a state-of-the-art recycling facility. Nothing in the cars is truly toxic, but we are able to totally de-polute the cars,” Finley said. “Recycling as a business is as old as the industrial revolution. Recently, recycling is getting a little more publicity, and we’re excited about that.”

In their free time, the two owners work on their own car restoration projects. Currently, they are restoring a 1969 Lincoln Continental hardtop with suicide doors.