C. Sterling Quality Roofing has taken the idea of going green to a whole new level by constructing a “green” roof.

James Sterling is the owner and president of the roofing company, which was founded in 1983, in Hernando County. As the company has grown, James, his wife Connie and his son Jimmy, have expanded their offices out to Jacksonville and Orlando. They now also service Pasco, Citrus, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee, Duval, Nassau, St. Johns and Clay Counties. It’s clear to see this is a company that works hard and strives to deliver excellence to its customers.

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In a review of the company, Jim Secrest said, “I would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking roof repair. In my case they were honest, very reasonably priced highly skilled and conscientious about the quality of workmanship. I am very pleased with the entire transaction.”

Recently James’ son, Jimmy Sterling, decided it was time to take the business to a new level of excellence with “green” roofing, which recently became available for the company’s clients. The Starbucks’ Cafe in Downtown Disney decided vegetated roofing was something they wanted to invest in, and approached C. Sterling Quality Roofing as the company to make the installation. The new roof now has more than 600 plants, and they are illuminated with ultraviolet lights.

David Daniels who is Starbucks’ senior designer said, “We had all the grass grown in a nursery and we fed it with compost from our coffee grounds from a nearby Starbucks store. This gesture is one of the many ways we’re able to tell our story.”

This amazing idea grew in popularity after Kevin Songer, who is very knowledgeable about greenhouses and plants, and Sterling built a roof for Breaking Ground Construction. Songer is the man behind the “green” roofs and Daniels felt that Sterling, Songer and Songer’s friend, Tad Davis, would collaborate to create the green roof for Starbucks. Through this project, Sterling hopes to drive business to his family’s roofing company as these unique roofs begin to grow in popularity … pun intended.


Many think that getting a green roof installed is pricey and that they they are difficult to maintain. In actuality, Sterling shared it depends on the company that installs them and if they do their job correctly. This is not to say that these plants don’t need some TLC. The science behind what kind of plants are installed, and the irrigation system that is used, is a long process that has to be done just right. Not only are these roofs unique, but they also help the environment by reducing the urban heat island effect and even help to manage stormwater runoff. To learn more about the advantages of green roofs follow the link below.


Sterling, who is head at the Jacksonville location, shared that the ambition to branch out and try this new venture couldn’t have been done without the support of his wife Kristy and their daughter Kayla. After their two successful green roofing ventures with Starbucks and Breaking Ground, C. Sterling Quality Roofing has shown that this is a task they are ready to take on again and again.

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Did You Know?

  • Plants on green roofs can capture pollutants that are airborne.
  • Green roofs act as sound insulation barriers for the buildings that they are placed on.
  • Being near a green space for extended amounts of time is shown to reduce heart rate and blood-pressure.
  • Green roofs gather runoff that occurs during storming, which in turn reduces the likelihood of flooding.