Local writer Jesse Wilson, who was recently named #1 writer in 904 by Void Magazine and Best Local Author by Folio Weekly, has taken on quite a challenging task this week. Before One Spark began, Tony Allegretti challenged the community to visit every single creator at the festival and take a selfie with them. Jesse Wilson has accepted this arduous task and is well underway. Here is what Wilson said on his blog:

Thanks to a challenge from Mr. Tony Allegretti, I am attempting to visit and take a selfie with every creator at this years One Spark.

That’s 630+ creators in 5 days

My prize – a steak burrito from Burrito Gallery

The journey will be long and at times I will want to quit, but I will not let my belly down.

Live updates will be posted here as I meet and selfie with creators, along with a little information about each.

You’re right Jesse, this will be a long task, and you may want to quit … But now that you’ve posted this on the internet for the world to see, we won’t let you quit. Anyone who wants to follow Wilson as he attempts to complete the challenge can see his progress at jessewilson.org, where Wilson is live blogging the challenge.