Based out of California, Burger Records is an independent record label dripping with cool vibes. Founded by Sean Bohrman and Lee Rickard, the two have been serving up delicious tunes to the masses since 2007, while doing the record biz just a little differently.

For the last five years, Sean and co. have been hosting an annual, worldwide event for fans of the label dubbed, “Burger Revolution.” This event takes place simultaneously all around the globe and it just so happens that this year, it’s even going down in Duval (details in the flyer right below, link to event here).


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We recently spoke with Sean about the event and what attendees can expect.

“I came up with the idea of presenting shows across the world and having bands or fans set up a listening party to play Burger Music under our banner, and Jacksonville is one of the [places] this year,” Sean said. “There’s Burger fans in South Africa, China, everywhere around the world.”

Sean and Lee, founders of Burger Records

Sean and Lee, founders of Burger Records | Photo via Buger Rec. tumblr

The concept is designed to place the creation of the event/show in the power of fans, something Sean said provides aspiring artists proof that they can throw an event or put on a show. “[It] shows kids who don’t throw shows [or events] that they can. Sometimes they just need that extra push to get it done.”

Burger Records has done pretty well for themselves as far as indie labels go, with a lot of growth and a loyal following since their start. Some of the artists they currently work with include Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall and FIDLAR. To show fans their appreciation, the label started Burger Revolution to encourage others to have success wherever they make music.

Last year, the label partnered with Volcom to help spread the Burger word, giving the event even more reach, including right here in Jacksonville. When asked about the potential for future events in the 904, Sean said that establishing that connection to our area has opened up options for more events outside Burger Revolution, which is good news for local bands, venues and fans alike. “Getting the contact in Jacksonville is good because now we can do more stuff. We’re definitely down,” Sean said.

Those looking for more info can check out the Burger Records website or visit the event’s page on Facebook.

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