Sprite’s kinda got it going on. Not only do the folks behind the lemon-lime-ish carbonated bevvie excel at getting some of the most famous humans on the planet (see: LeBron James and Lil Yachty) to appear in insane commercials with ridiculous conceits, the brand also seems to have its finger on the pulse of contemporary arts and culture. Case in point, Sprite recently included North Florida’s fave hip-hop collective Love Culture on its Sprite Way Spotify Playlist.

@ourloveculture and @coldcutz_bino don’t come from typical hip-hop cities and their music is crazy good,” a post on Sprite’s official Instagram noted of Love Culture and Bino, another artist featured on the playlist. Though it does appear Sprite took a broad swipe at Duval’s hip-hop scene, which has perennially been quite good, we’ll forgive their naïveté, especially since they put our friends on their playlist! Click play below to hear the group’s new single “Pump Fake”.