Got Dorian-induced cabin fever? Same. Luckily, Saturday’s Void’s Craft Beer Festival Presented by Sight and Sound, Bruval has the cure. The 6th annual running of this fest again celebrates North Florida’s rapidly growing craft beer movement right in the heart of Jacksonville Beach at the Seawalk Pavilion. It’s family-friendly. It’s FREE (but best experienced with a ticket into the craft beer sampling area).

What’s more: This year we’ve got a hell of live music lineup to satiate your earholes!

Here’s a little taste of the artists hitting the Seawalk Pavilion stage.

Barnes and the Heart | Noon

Jax-based bass-drums-guitar troupe Barnes and the Heart play a high energy, highly listenable form of alt-rock. The fellas have opened for big time acts like Pepper, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and… Smash Mouth! They hit the stage at noon and we’ll be damned if they aren’t the “All-Stars” of this year’s Bruval.

Peep a lil’ promo vid from the band below.

Let’s Ride Brass Band |1:30 p.m.

Funky jazz-fusionists Let’s Ride Brass Band contends to bring “that Duval Sound” and who could argue otherwise. An 11-piece ensemble of young, talented players hailing from Duval County, Let’s Ride plays an eclectic, idiosyncratic, and bangin’ form of party music. Come 1:30 p.m. the Seawalk stage will be bumpin!

Watch the band rip up the Thrasher Horne Center below.

Faze Wave | 3:15

Gotta give the Indie kids their due. With a smattering of singles, an EP, and 2018’s full-length Lethologica, Jax-based wunderkinds Faze Wave–Matthew Flynn, Jacob Nemeth, Hunter Hileman, and Zachary Stickler–has earned a devoted following from all corners of North Florida’s sprawl, playing its diverse, modern, Indie-tinged sounds that ranges from drive-y, lo-fi rock to reverb-heavy surf to heartfelt and confessional tunes.

Watch Faze Wave’s enjoyably creepy video for “The Game” below, as well as their Into The Void: Office Music Series Performance from last year.

Trail Diver | 5:00 p.m.

Oh, oh, oh… Trail Diver. Have you seen this band? If not, you’re so, so, so missing out. So much talent. So much energy. So diverse. We couldn’t contain them with one set, so they’ll play two.

Fusing tribal rhythms, thick electric tones, soulful grooves, and culture-blending melodic leads, Jacksonville’s Trail Diver has, in short order, earned a reputation as the most eclectic party band in the region. Blending original material with distinctively reimagined covers, Trail Diver’s music unfolds adventurous paths that dive into new and unpredictable trails.

Here’s a taste of the band–and it’s keen sense of humor:

L.O.V.E. Culture | 6:45 p.m.

If you read this publication, you likely already know that we love, love, love this vibrant, Lo-Fi Duval hip-hop collective. Here’s what our Arts & Music Columnist Daniel A. Brown said of the group in a recent issue of the mag:

“While L.O.V.E. Culture boasts five artists who can stand on their own, the group takes a stance to turn off the ego and roll up a kind of anonymous identity; creating and moving as one. Even the group name L.O.V.E. –an acronym for “League of Vibrant Energies”–is an imprint of unity rather than celebrity. With an average age of 25, it’s even more rare that the group presents itself as one… The band’s full-length, the aptly named Fluidity, dropped last year, followed up with a cut on our very own Void on Vinyl (Vol. 1) compilation. This year saw the release of their EP, VOL. 1.”

We’re so stoked to have Che, Rob Mari, Easyin2d, Spirit, and Flash the Samurai headline this year’s Bruval. Watch the League of Vibrant Energies light up our office a few month’s back.