So you go to a show at your local venue and you order a PBR. You just want something simple and cheap to sip on while you nod your head to the beat. I get that. But what if you could really get into the show, in all senses, by pairing a beer style with the genre you’re into?

Just don’t take those specialty drafts in the pit — they’re $5 or $6 bucks a pop. Here’s a list of local brews to pair with your local tunes.

 Pale Ale:  Pale ales are easy to please. With a touch of hops, these brews are a more accessible craft beer than a hardcore IPA. Zeta’s Private Rye pairs easily with Sea Cycles.

 Blonde Ale:  When I think of a blonde ale, I think of the sun shining through a golden ale at sunset. Refreshing, balanced and light. Perfect to pair with reggae after a long day at the beach. You can’t go wrong with Veterans United Raging Blonde and Sidereal.

 Wheat:  Tougher than a pilsner, bitter, but still light. Throw around a (904) Weiss Guy from Engine 15 while jamming to Jacksonville’s punk darlings, Glazed.

 Pilsner:  A light beer characterized by floral and sweet notes, good for sipping while swaying to dream pop. LANNDS with Galleon’s Golden Ale by Ancient City is a win-win.

 Session IPA:  A pale ale that’s more balanced and less hop-focused than an IPA. A good beer to hold while groovin’ to hip hop without competing for your attention. Pair Intuition’s Easy on the Eyes with L.O.V.E Culture, a collaboration of local artists, or Mistuh Oakley, an up-and-comer.

 IPA:  A beer that’s full of hop flavor. Good for music that’s full of feeling, like shoegaze. Listen to Jacksonville’s Teen Divorce while sipping on Bog Brewing’s IPA.

 Imperial IPA:  More complex and hoppy than the classic. Usually, double the hops reside in the brew. So with complex beers come complex lyrics, like those from soulful MJ Baker. Sip Pinglehead’s Landslide on the journey through her music.

 Sour:  Sours are tart, light beers that take a specific tongue to appreciate. Avant-garde takes a specific ear to appreciate. You’ve got to have the classic San Marco Sour from Aardwolf while exploring tunes curated by local music discovery group Avant.

 Lager:  A beer you can’t really mess with. It’s tradition and tradition ain’t changin’. Take lagers with you on your next adventure while you blast some good ol’ country. Wicked Barley’s Left Leg will be with you ’til the coolers empty, and so will The Crazy Daysies.

 Red Ale:  Subtle sweetness and subtle dryness. This caramel beer is good for sipping while stomping your feet to folk. Try Southern Swells’ Seven with Folk is People.

 Brown Ale:  The lightest of the dark beer spectrum, malty and chocolaty. The OG Jacksonville beer, Bold City Duke’s, goes well with alternative funk band Gov Club.

 Porter:  Deep, complex flavors take you down to funkytown. Try Hyperion’s Smoked Cascadian with Mama Blue’s jazz, funk and bluegrass mix.

 Stout:  Bitter because of all the hops, just like emo revival. Try Green Room’s Count Shakula with the best emo revival albums. Stay local with Detached.

 Imperial Stout:  The most intense of the intense. Deep and powerful, just like metal. Check out Rhythm of Fear or Yashira with Atlantic Beach Brewing Company’s 98th Street.