Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, an Italian animator and artist has created a new way to look at classic paintings. With his animation expertise he has brought art to life in his video “BEAUTY” and given a new definition to the term “art in motion.”

From Bouguereau to Caravaggio and Michelangelo to Rubens, Tagliafierro has taken some of the greatest masterpieces ever created and brought them to new dimensions. In an interview by Alessia Gargiulo, she was able to talk to Tagliafierro and discuss what his inspiration was behind creating this visual masterpiece.

“The idea behind “BEAUTY” took shape at the beginning of July and I began working on it immediately. The works were selected on the basis of the main objective for “BEAUTY”, which, in addition to being an ode to art, is above all a visual story about human emotions.”, said Rino.


These pieces of art took five months to produce due to Tagliafierro being meticulous in making sure that the art didn’t appear too artificial in their movements. The program that was used to create these moving images is called After Effects, which allowed him to use “minimal, non-invasive movements.” Inspiration for this project was also drawn from the animation master Bruno Bozzetto who Tagliafierro makes a point to reference often.

Not only will this give adults a new perspective on these paintings, but children are now able to see art that is over 100 years old in a new and  interactive way.