Last week, North Florida log master and current frontrunner for the WSL longboard title, Justin Quintal visited the wave pool of fellow Sunshine State-native Kelly Slater. Like the entirety of the 127,321 clips we’ve seen of the famed, perfect wave, the video of JQuinny’s session shows everything in its rightful place. Except… what’s that thing dangling from our local hero’s calf and billowing in the crisp offshores!? A leash! It couldn’t be.

We’ve yet to unearth the exact reasons for Quintal’s committing this classic-log faux pas, but another video of Noosa’s Harrison Roach (and surfboard) getting swept into a sketchy looking wave-pool-adjacent trough indicates that the consequences of losing one’s board at Kelly’s pool are likely to be as bad, or worse, than doing so at, say, Haleiwa.

Anywho: cool surfing, Justin!

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Career highlight.

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