The never-ending debate of “who’s the best band in North Florida” is enough to start an inter-city war.  While we’ve had our own internal debates here at Void, we’d like to know what you think.

Below is a list of bands that most of the community is well-aware of. But because we know at least 1 out of 5 people are screaming as to why their band was left off the list, we added a nice “other” box.  This is the space for you to enter whatever band you think is deserving of the title, ‘Best Band in North Florida’.

Don’t think write-in votes work? Just look at our burger poll from February, where Fernandina’s Tasty’s beat out some local powerhouses  based solely off write-in votes. 

The winner of ‘Best Band in North Florida’ will be awarded a full-page story and custom photoshoot to be featured in June’s Music Issue of Void Magazine.

So rally the troops. Because voting ends MONDAY, May 5th at 12pm.

EDIT:  Because of the popularity of some of the bands in the “other” category, we’ve decided to add any band with at least 20 votes to the tabbed voting. We will update this daily and add accordingly if more bands reach the 20 vote threshold.


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