This time around, things are getting tropical with our selection for June’s Bold Bites feature. Zeta Brewing Company’s Caribbean BBQ Shrimp is an infusion of Bahamian-inspired greatness, coupled with a secret ingredient that’s the key to a sweet, yet slightly spicy BBQ sauce. Newly appointed Chef Shane Cheshire gave us the down-low on this dish that we suggest you go eat ASAP. Be sure to check out even more awesome local grub on the Bold Bites Instagram page. Give them a follow and you’ll always be on the cutting edge of culinary delights in the 904. Dig in.


So, how did you come up with it? What was the inspiration behind it?

When I was down visiting the Bahamas one time, I had a similar dish that was amazing — unlike anything I’d had before. So, I just decided to try and replicate it, while putting my own unique spin on it when I got back.

Can you break it down item by item for us? Where do the ingredients come from?

Horseradish-stuffed, bacon-wrapped Mayport shrimp topped with Caribbean BBQ with mango slaw and sweet potato fries. All of the ingredients are either locally sourced or are made from scratch. It makes all the difference.


What do you think is people’s favorite part about the Caribbean BBQ Shrimp?

Probably the unique fusion of flavors. The horseradish adds a very intriguing flavor element, giving it some spice, while the mango cools it off. Those two flavors work well together.

Love at first bite? What do you want people to think after they take that first bite?

With the Caribbean BBQ Shrimp, it’s all about the horseradish! Then, we pair it with the sweet, yet slightly spicy BBQ sauce and then, it’s love at first bite.