Chancho King is a street food pop-up that serves up one mean roast pork sandwich based on the sanduche de chancho hornado as seen on the streets of Ecuador. You can find them selling sandwiches at special events around town but every Sunday, they post up in front of Vagabond Coffee in Murray Hill from 4-8 pm.

The menu is simple. There’s the sandwich, plantain chips, a weekly flavor of agua fresca, and maybe some fresh fruit. These items are listed individually but who are we kidding, you’re getting everything, starting with the sandwich. Admittedly, a roasted pork sandwich doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing you can eat on a Sunday evening, but this is no ordinary situation. Let me walk you through it…

One side of a halved hunk of Village Bread baguette is given a nice little baptism in roasted pork jus, softening the crusty bread and infusing the whole sandwich with extra smoky, unctuous porkiness. Tender, pinkish-white meat is then sliced, crispy skin and all, from a bone-in ham directly onto the sandwich. For maximum effect and added panache, the ham is pulled straight from smoke box it’s been roasting in all day. The sandwich, already looking good enough to snatch right off the table, is then slathered with aji salsa, followed by a smattering of pickled red onion, and finally topped with the coup de gras–a crunchy piece of cuerito (pork rind)!

The masterpiece is wrapped in a brown paper sleeve and presented to you thusly, in all its splendor and magnificence. At this time, it is completely appropriate to raise your mighty fist in the air and capture this little beauty for the ‘Gram. Now pause, because there is only ever one first bite of a Chancho King sandwich. Savor it! Of course, if this isn’t your first time, you’ve likely already devoured the thing by now, which means it’s time to go in on those plantain chips and wash it all down with a few gulps of delicious, refreshing agua fresca.

What’s happening now is that you are swearing a binding oath to whomever is around to witness it that henceforth, you will be back EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY for more. Until, they open a brick and mortar, of course.

See you there next Sunday?

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