Ask anyone who’s good at fitness what their secret is and they’ll likely give you the same answer–diet. But eating right can be a chore and seeing as how you’re already spending all your free time at the gym, who has the time to prepare their own food much less worry about making it taste good enough to stick with it? Nobody. That’s who.

Well, fear not because these days there are more than a couple of healthy (and delicious) options, each requiring minimal effort on your part. Here are but a few of them available on the First Coast.

Kathy’s Table

After being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease over 20 years ago, Kathy Foote learned how to reduce the sometimes debilitating effects of the disease simply by managing her diet. Convinced that others could benefit from such a lifestyle change, Foote began developing dairy- and gluten-free meals made with whole foods that just so happen to be super delicious. Over the past few years her business has grown immensely with multiple locations and a fleet of delivery vehicles that bring dinner right to your door.

What is most unique about Kathy’s Table is that you can select a meal plan that caters to your individual nutritional needs. There are five different plans, each with their own calorie, protein and carb counts tailored to a different lifestyle. So whether you’re trying to stay skinny, go paleo or bulk up, she’s got you covered.

Most recently, Foote and her team launched a Performance Line that includes bulk offerings of the most frequently requested stand-alone items. This allows you to add extra nutrition to your chosen meal plan or get creative and make your own rice bowls without having to so much as turn on the oven. It’s too easy!

Sprout Kitchen

Hey guess what, you don’t have to eat pounds of lean chicken breast all day everyday to get the protein you need to build those muscles. You can just eat plants instead. Seriously! According to Forrest Masters, chef and owner of plant-based meal delivery service Sprout Kitchen, plants are all you really need to get your protein fix. In fact, vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes, greens, and seeds are arguably better sources of high-quality, clean-burning protein. They’re also easier to digest and lower in saturated fat than animal-derived sources.

Forrest Masters of Sprout Kitchen. Photo: Amy Robb

Eating right means more than just loading up on protein though. Sprout’s meals are also nutrient dense, supplying the essential nourishment necessary to sustain basic life functions with a little extra to improve performance. Add in healthy fats that actually help keep you leaner and more radiant, the hydrating effects of fruits and vegetables that contribute to maintaining a “youthful glow,” and an abundance of high-fiber greens to keep things moving and you’re on the path to a leaner, meaner you.

What’s more is that Sprout’s nutritious dishes are not only healthy and compassionate, they’re downright Instagrammable if not solitary works of art. “We believe that food should be bright, vibrant and beautiful!” Masters explains of one of the pillars of her guiding philosophy she calls eating pretty. “The wider the array of colors you eat, the more nutrients you get.” Oh and don’t worry, Sprout delivers too!

And for dessert…

Fit. Fab. Foods.

Eating sensibly is great right up until the moment you convince yourself that you deserve a reward and before you know it, you’ve polished off an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s over the sink. We’ve all been there. But you know what? You do deserve a reward and just because you have goals doesn’t mean you can’t indulge every once in a while. At least not anymore thanks to Rachel Phillips, the brains behind Fit. Fab. Foods. Cake Pops.

Phillips noticed that there weren’t any decent healthy treats that weren’t made from a laundry list of unpronounceable multisyllabic chemicals and artificial nonsense that nobody in their right mind would actually want to ingest. But it wasn’t until after a conversation with the owner of a local nutritional supply store that she decided to do something about it. Somehow she was able to devise a recipe that could compete without using any processed ingredients, chemicals or preservatives.

And get this, these adorably delicious little orbs aren’t just not bad for you, they’re gluten-free, low carb and packed with protein–18 grams per package to be exact. That’s like chugging three whole raw eggs except the opposite of disgusting. As Phillips is fond of saying, now you can literally have your cake and eat it, too!

This Bold Bites feature originally appeared in Void Magazine Vol. 9, Issue 5, The Sports Issue