So, we decided to change things up a bit for our third installment of Bold Bites, where we featuring some amazingly badass local dishes you should probably add to your foodie bucket list. This time around, we selected Maple Street Biscuit Company’s Five and Dime — a mouth-watering pile of amazing Southern staples. We chatted with Amanda Gibson of Maple Street to get some more info about their iconic biscuit creation. Be sure to check out even more awesome local grub on the Bold Bites Instagram page. Give them a follow and you’ll always be on the cutting edge of culinary delights in the 904. Dig in.


Tell us a little about the Five and Dime. What’s the inspiration behind it?

The Five and Dime is our most popular sandwich. It’s named after the old Peterson’s Five and Dime. Our first location in San Marco is in the spot that the Five and Dime used to be in, so we thought we’d pay tribute to that small convenience/grocery store. We can understand why this is our most popular, this is a true southern sandwich with a twist.

Where do the ingredients come from? Can you break it down item by item for us?

The Five has literally five ingredients. Flaky biscuit, all-natural, fried chicken breast, pecan-wood-smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and our house-made sausage gravy with a kick. The dime? Well that’s the egg!

It’s a biscuit and fried chicken and gravy. Those are all normal things but combing it to become a sandwich is the real unique part.

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What is people’s favorite ingredient in the dish?

People talk about it because of our house-made gravy. It has a slight kick coming from the cayenne and the hot sauce we use. Our biscuits also make it incredibly unique being that we are a biscuit company after all. We make them in-house at all of the stores. We put the biscuit table close to where you order, so you can watch the biscuits being made. We use real butter, artisan flour, buttermilk and our not-so-secret ingredient is maple syrup. We spent a total of five months coming up with the biscuit recipe.

What do you want people to think after they take the first bite?

I usually laugh and tell our guests that, “It’s so comforting, you’ll want to cuddle up to take a nap after eating it.”