Ready… BITE! Or in this case, SLURP!

Crane Ramen’s annual Street Fighter Ramen tournament has begun. In the coming weeks, diners at the Five Points location will be able to sample two special bowls of ramen inspired by the Capcom arcade game’s characters and vote on their favorites to advance.

Weeks one and two featured four of Street Fighter II’s most classic characters in epic showdowns of stew-pendous proportions. 

The first round pitted the stoic yet humble Dhalsim against arrogant yet easygoing American fighter, Ken Masters. Hailing from India, Dhalsim attacked with a vindaloo-inspired tsukemen, or dipping ramen with the noodles on the side, while Ken countered with a roasted salmon bone shoyu topped with miso-broiled filet of salmon, bok choy, and a 6-minute egg.

Week two saw Blanka, the highly recognizable green-skinned beast represented by a seafood ramen inspired by Brazilian moqueca. The coconut-based stew features cod, peppers, onions and a 6-minute egg. His opponent, the corpulent yet muscular sumo wrestler E. Honda entered the fray as a savory bowl of chankonabe, a stew favored by actual Japanese sumo wrestlers. Crane’s version incorporated a creamy chicken-based paitan broth decorated with fish balls, bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, pickled bamboo shoots and a 6-minute egg.


Upcoming bouts will see face-offs between Akuma and his Devil Beef TanTanMen and M. Bison’s Foie Gras Mazeman (October 2-3) as well as Falke’s Braut and Sauerkraut Mazeman versus Vega and his Mayport Paella Paitan (October 9-10).

The winner from each round will continue tournament-style with the champion advancing to the Finals on November 6-7 to go head-to-head with last year’s victor, Chun Li (aka the strongest woman in the world). You can get in on the action every Wednesday and Thursday throughout the coming weeks. Twenty dollars gets you a bowl of each featured ramen and a draft Sapporo or house-made soda. Participate every week and you’ll score a free Street Fighter Ramen t-shirt!

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