Netflix, our actual BFF, posted a very important announcement giving us all the details for this year’s premiere schedule. All the old favorites are returning to bring the joy back to our lives, and there will be several new shows joining the lineup. Mark your calendars for the most anticipated premieres of the year.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This crazy, heartwarming comedy that brightened our lives last year comes back for a new season at midnight on April 15.


Orange is the New Black

We got left hanging a little bit after the end of the third season, but never fear, the newest episodes will be here at midnight on June 17.


House of Cards

The occasionally hard-to-follow political drama that’s captivated the nation and made us all hate our government a little bit more will be back on March 4 to ensure our continued nihilism.


Fuller House

Everyone who grew up watching the show “Full House” has strong feelings about this new reboot. Love it or hate it, all the familiar faces from your childhood will be back to make you feel worse about your own family on February 26. This time, the girls are all grown up with kids of their own. Family-friendly hilarity and important life lessons will surely ensue.


The Get Down

As a contrast to the overly cheerful, Wonder-Bread-aesthetic of “Fuller House,” check out this new hip-hop driven drama when it premieres August 12. The plot follows a group of troubled kids in 1970s New York who find solace in the burgeoning art and music scenes.


Stranger Things

All you really need to know about this new show is that it stars Winona Ryder. You should watch it just for her — because she is amazing and should star in everything. But if you need more information, the plot follows the search for a young boy who mysteriously disappears from a small town and all of the freaky, supernatural things that are uncovered as police investigate the crime. Start watching on July 15.

For a full list of every new show that you probably don’t care about, check out the official announcement here.