In a world where everything is instant and everyone is detached, we need something to make us feel. That’s where Big Thief comes in. The band captivated listeners with their EP Masterpiece and delivered the same finesse with their new album, Capacity.

The lyrics take you through detailed stories, clear enough to follow, but vague enough to feel like you’re a part of it. Like you’re on this long, crazy, thoughtful, real road trip with singer/guitarist Adrianne Lenker — like she’s your best friend and you will never have another friend like her. She lets you and no one else read her journal, the scrawled basis for songs meant to be an experience.

“Real Love,” a personal favorite from Masterpiece, starts slow and quiet, but delivers a loud, gritty chorus. “Real love makes your lungs black/real love is a heart attack.”

Both albums feel like background music to a well-lived life — and that’s just Big Thief’s style. I imagine a scene from an indie film where someone’s sitting at a table, drinking black coffee on a rainy day somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Thinking about all the good times they’ve had.

Capacity opens with “Pretty Things,” a track that details a struggle with femininity. Lenker closes the song with a proclamation. “Don’t take me for a fool/There’s a woman inside of me/There’s a woman inside of you, too/And she don’t always do pretty things.”

It’s a proclamation I want to scream from a rooftop.

The album is a warm hug in a cold world. It tells you to be okay with your scars and fears. Listen and we’ll cope together. Check out the full album below via Spotify.